Your trailer specialist for repairs, also at your site!

Small, common problems can often be repaired immediately and without an appointment. For example:

  • Defective lighting (partial or complete)
  • Air leaks from brakes or suspension
  • Repairs to superstructure such as cracks in curtain sides or roofs
  • ABS or EBS repairs
  • Problems with twist locks

Naturally, we also tackle larger and more complex repairs. The most convenient way to resolve your issue is a repair by appointment. You bring your trailer to one of our workshops, we carry out the planned repairs and you collect the trailer again at the agreed time. In addition, we also offer the option of picking up and returning your trailer to you. That way, you won't lose time in traffic. Examples of bigger jobs that can be carried out by GTM Belgium:

  • Tyre changes
  • Problems with brakes
  • Problems with doors closing
  • Correct operation of the curtain sides
  • Correct operation of roofs
  • Repair of container chassis extension mechanisms
  • Repairs to gensets. All brands can be repaired or replaced
  • Checking and repairing tanker unloading systems
  • Welding and construction work, such as repairs to containers


By appointment, GTM Belgium can also carry out repairs on site at a time that suits you.

GTM Belgium can also help you with minor repairs to trucks, such as repairs to lights or air leaks and the lubrication or overhaul of the fifth wheel coupling.

One of the great strengths of GTM Belgium's workshops and therefore an advantage for you as a customer, is the option of immediate repair: You can come to us for unexpected issues without an appointment! You drive in and are helped right away; your driver can wait for the repair to be done on the spot and then leave immediately after. Minimum downtime, maximum use of your trailer, ultimate flexibility!

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herstellingen werkplaats trailers reparatie
herstellingen werkplaats trailers reparatie


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Antwerp +32 (0)3 541 55 65
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