All your vehicle inspections carried out efficiently and quickly under one roof!

GTM Belgium performs annual inspections, or technical inspections, on vehicles registered in Belgium. We do so for ALL vehicles over 3.5t, including trailers and trucks. Thanks to our central location within the port of Antwerp, we can also take care of category 4 port vehicles.

GTM Belgium has a complete inspection facility in house, our own inspection line with:

  • Brake tester (brake retardation / brake pressure)
  • Shaker plates (axle play)
  • Smoke measurement (CO2 emissions)
  • Adjustment of lights
  • Weighbridge

GTM Belgium partners with Autoveiligheid to perform on-site inspections. Autoveiligheid is one of the inspection bodies certified by the Belgian government.

This service is available in several forms:

  • You carry out the maintenance yourself and GTM Belgium provides the inspection
  • GTM Belgium takes care of both maintenance and inspection


Annual inspections are conducted by appointment only. This minimises waiting times and ensures a smooth flow. Inspection days are Monday morning, Tuesday (full day), Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

In addition to technical inspections, GTM Belgium is also authorised to perform the following inspections:

  • Re-inspections
  • Initial inspections: vehicles registered for the first time, or upon change of ownership
  • ADR inspections
  • Inspection of category 4 port vehicles


Book an inspection appointment now by calling +32 3 541 55 65, emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or clicking here.

Jaarlijkse keuring trailers annual inspection
Jaarlijkse keuring trailers annual inspection


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Antwerp +32 (0)3 541 55 65
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