Your trailer specialist for the conversion of any trailer: large or small, new or existing!

We are skilled at modifying existing trailers to meet customer needs.

Several examples are:

  • Extra tool boxes
  • Installation of additional lighting
  • ADR equipment
  • Sealing floors on container chassis (accessibility when loading or unloading)
  • Extra stanchions on a flatbed trailer for greater load security
  • Fitting additional twist locks
  • Partial or complete spray painting
  • ...

We can convert or modify trailers both new and used. In the case of new trailers, GTM Belgium can add or change things for you that were not supplied by the factory!

One of the great strengths of GTM Belgium's workshops and therefore an advantage for you as a customer, is that You can come to us for unexpected issues without an appointment! You drive in and we’ll help you right away; your driver can wait for the repair to be done on the spot and then leave immediately after. Minimum downtime, maximum use of your trailer, ultimate flexibility!

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ombouw werkplaats trailers
ombouw werkplaats trailers


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Antwerp +32 (0)3 541 55 65
Herentals +32 (0)14 61 39 37
Email repair@gtm-belgium.be


Antwerp +32 (0)3 542 43 41
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Antwerp +32 (0)3 541 55 65
Email sales@gtm-belgium.be