GTM Belgium is expert in trailer repairs: large or small, immediate or by appointment, in-house or at your location.

We tackle every repair!


GTM Belgium is your trailer specialist for regular and preventive vehicle checks of all trailers.

We’re here to help!


Accident & Damage

GTM Belgium is your trailer specialist for fast and safe handling of trailer damage after an accident, right away or by appointment.


We perform modifications or conversions on any trailer: whether the modifications are large or small, to new or used trailers...

We can accommodate all your requirements!


24/7 Breakdown service

GTM Belgium is your trailer specialist for fast and efficient handling of breakdowns with our international 24/7 recovery service: temporary or permanent repairs, anytime, anywhere!

Annual inspection

We are authorised to perform all vehicle inspections, as well as port inspections above 3.5t.

Thanks to our own inspection facility, we can do so efficiently and quickly under one roof!

Service partners

GTM Belgium is an official service partner for several brands.

These partnerships strengthen our offering to you, our customer.



Contact the right department for fast and efficient service!



Antwerp +32 (0)3 541 55 65
Herentals +32 (0)14 61 39 37


Antwerp +32 (0)3 542 43 41


Antwerp +32 (0)3 541 55 65