GTM Belgium: Expert in trailers! 

GTM Belgium is your partner throughout the life cycle of all your trailers! We provide all the services you need to keep your towed equipment in top condition: we take care of all maintenance and repairs, supply spare parts, provide a 24/7 recovery service, plus we have our own inspection facility. You can also come to us for new trailers. We are the exclusive distributor of Hastrailer and Granalu trailers in Belgium.

We are at your service at our locations in Antwerp and Herentals, with a team of expert mechanics in the workshops, passionate employees in the spare parts warehouse and an efficient back office.

At our location in Antwerp, we have our own testing facility which enables us to perform technical inspections for you in-house and with a fast turnaround time. Maintenance, repair and inspection at one location!

Antwerp is also where our large parts warehouse is located. We have more than 8000 trailer parts in stock for delivery to your mechanics and for our own workshops.

Our international breakdown service is available to you 24/7 to help get you out of trouble in the event of a breakdown or accident.

In short, no matter what problems or challenges you are facing, you can always turn to us for all types of trailers! GTM Belgium: Experts in trailers.

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GTM Belgium was founded in 1995. In that year, we opened our first branch in Antwerp. Our workshop soon acquired a strong reputation in the port.

In 2016 we opened our branch in Herentals, primarily at the request of our customers from the Kempen and Limburg region – saving them hours spent in traffic jams on the Antwerp ring road.

In 2019, we further expanded our business and rentals by becoming the exclusive importer and distributor for Hastrailer. In 2020, we also added Granalu to our range, allowing us to offer you a complete portfolio of trailers!

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Antwerp +32 (0)3 541 55 65
Herentals +32 (0)14 61 39 37
Email repair@gtm-belgium.be


Antwerp +32 (0)3 542 43 41
Email parts@gtm-belgium.be


Antwerp +32 (0)3 541 55 65
Email sales@gtm-belgium.be