Hastrailer: High quality at an affordable price.

Hastrailer produces high quality trailers in Turkey. These vehicles meet all European quality standards and GTM Belgium is the exclusive importer and distributor for the brand in Belgium.

Hastrailer trailers are designed and built for long-term and intensive use and are available in different models and sizes, each with their own specific application. For example, the Hastrailers range includes container chassis, curtainsider trailers and refrigerated trailers.

Some of Hastrailer’s distinctive features are:

  • Solid, robust quality
  • Made of S 700 MC steel
  • Use of quality parts (including SAF Holland, Wabco, Aspöck)
  • Naturally, every trailer is provided with a European Type Approval (COC)

We put together your trailer completely in accordance with your specific wishes. The standard models can be supplemented with all kinds of options, such as a fixed roof, piggyback forklift, loading ramp, rigid or trailing axles or ADR-compliant superstructure. And of course at an extremely competitive price.

We will be happy to discuss the options with you, so that we can organise optimal transportation of your goods! Contact us now to book an appointment.

About Hastrailer

Hastrailer started producing trailers in 2009 and in a short time managed to design a full range of high-quality trailers.

By constantly monitoring the needs and expectations of its customers, Hastrailer has succeeded in building a broad customer portfolio. Justifiably proud of its achievements, it is looking to further increase its market share and GTM is happy to take on this challenge.

By following technological developments in a globalising world market and adopting the total quality philosophy at all management and application levels, it continues to fulfil its responsibilities towards people, the environment and universal values.

Hastrailer is also targeting foreign markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Thanks to its international network, which is characterised by transparency and consistency in terms of service and warranty, Hastrailer is able to deliver everywhere and under all required conditions.

HAS trailer 6a
HAS trailer 3a
HAS trailer 5a


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