GTM Belgium handles breakdowns quickly and efficiently: temporary or permanent repairs, anytime, anywhere!

GTM Belgium's international recovery service is on call 24/7 to resolve all types of breakdowns of your trailer, no matter where it is stranded. That goes for everyone, whether you are a customer or not. All at competitive rates!

The local phone number +32 3 541 55 65 is reachable around the clock. GTM Belgium responds to emergency calls everywhere – from the UK to Germany and from Scandinavia to the south of France. Whatever your problem, saying no is not an option.

In many cases, we can repair the issue on the spot; other breakdowns require an emergency or temporary solution, after which we will permanently repair your trailer in our workshop.

GTM Belgium's international 24/7 recovery service is reputable and linked to several breakdown reporting and assistance providers for which GTM Belgium carries out the actual recovery or repairs. For example, EBTS and UAB Falck pass on incoming incidents to GTM Belgium for breakdown response.

Report your broken down vehicle to GTM Belgium now by calling +32 3 541 55 65 or click here.

24/7 depannage service
24/7 breakdown service
24/7 depannage service


Contact the right department for fast and efficient service!



Antwerp +32 (0)3 541 55 65
Herentals +32 (0)14 61 39 37
Email repair@gtm-belgium.be


Antwerp +32 (0)3 542 43 41
Email parts@gtm-belgium.be


Antwerp +32 (0)3 541 55 65
Email sales@gtm-belgium.be